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Diaper Castles
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All of my diaper cakes are assembled to look like the traditional tiered cake with premium brand name diapers.  
I use size 2 (12 - 18 lbs / 5 - 8 kg), this way the finished kreation can stay on display for a little bit longer before it has to be taken apart.  

If you wish to use another size, please feel free to send me a request.

All diaper cakes are custom made with the following ingredients as well:
  • diapers, receiving blankets, washcloths, pacifiers, disposable cutlery, etc.
Please see the ingredients page for more information.

Each diaper cake is "baked" fresh from the time you place your order.
Everything is custom made and special requests are welcome.  Just email me for more information.

Below are also some diaper cakes previously made.

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Diaper Castles 
Each diaper castle is really specific to each request.  The prices for these range a lot.  If you are interested in purchasing a diaper castle, please email me with your request.  This way we can together make your special kreation.
The diaper castle, will still include;  diapers,diapers, The diaper castle, will still include;  diapers,, washcloths, baby utensils and a pacifier(s).  Secured with elastics.  Wrapped with ribbon and cellophane. 
*WARNING: Please note that product may contain choking hazards (elastics).  Caution: safety pins.
Approx Dimensions: varies